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Lexan Panels

The Lexan panels are lightweight and narrow, and they are easy to store away and to put up. The panels are found in translucent, opaque or clear styles. Contrary to metal and plywood, they will still allow the light in the home even during the storm.  Also to the hurricane protection, the Lexan panels are also able to offer the protection against UV rays.


  • The panels do not corrode, rust or shatter
  • They have ultra light weight compared to the steel panels
  • They are dent resistant when compared to the aluminum panels
  • They are made in the super tough polycarbonate resin, and they do not have any sharp edges.
  • They are completely transparent, and they allow the light inside with the view of the outside.
  • Their UV inhibitors will protect the home furnishings


The Lexan panels are the product of the choice for many people, and they are cost effective, long lasting greenhouse and high light transmitting coverings.  They are lightweight but at the same time tough. They can be cold formed to offer gentle curve, or they can be rolled up to offer easy handling. The corrugated sheet offers long services compared to the fiberglass and polyethylene and at the same time, they offer enough light for the crop.  The durability with the resistance to high impact may reduce the breakage before, after and during the installation. Lexan panels have the crystal clarity known for the glass, and they do not have a heavyweight, the risk of breakage or high cost of the glass.

We have Lexan panels which had been engineered in the way that they can meet even the most stringent wind codes in a country, and they had been reviewed and also accepted by Miami-Dade County Product Division, International Building Code, and Florida Building Code.

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