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Impact Windows and Doors

The hurricane proof window can offer your business and your home with the effortless and permanent protection against the unwanted entry and hurricanes. Besides being hurricane window protection and hurricane door, the impact-resistant doors and windows may reduce the noise from outside, and they improve the UV protection.

Characteristics of the doors and windows

  • They improve resale value of the house
  • They increase the energy efficiency
  • They can reduce the harmful UV rays
  • They prevent any forced entry for 24/7
  • It reduces the external noises


Our company uses the frames made in the heavy duty with the impact-resistant glass. The laminated glass consists of two different sheets of the glass for inner shatter proof membranes which are included among them.  When a glass gets the impact, it can shatter. However inner membranes may hold the piece in the frames, so the barrier is not going to be broken. The windows have been designed to be able to handle the wind-borne debris, and they are hurled at high wind speeds with the repeated impact from the potential intruders.  In all cases, the penetration of water or wind is not possible.  The inner film is found in different color tints, and this helps to eliminate or to reduce the sun fade with the UV damage in the homes. The hurricane window impact glass may be engineered in the way that it can meet the stringent wind codes in the entire country, and it has been reviewed, and it is accepted by Miami-Dade County product control division and Florida Building Code with the International Building Code.

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