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Colonial Shutters

We have the colonial shutters that continue to give the storm protection that brings back the old South Architectural Flair. Now, you should expect to have the hurricane window shutters that are made using the heavy aluminum, and they are made to be extremely reliable, and they are weather proof.   The professional installation found with these storm shutters offers the durable and permanent solution to any building or house while they offer the protection for many years to come. They are normally simple when it comes to maintaining and to close.  To get more information about the colonial shutters, you should scroll down so that you can view the characteristics, considerations, and the criteria.

You can get more shutter options that are available with the Stormwise like the popular accordion hurricane shutters or clear hurricane panels, browse another page to see what it is at the offer.


  • They are extremely popular when it comes to storm protection, and they add the charm to the home
  • They are pleasing because of their architecture
  • They are easy to install at existing home
  • They are easy to operate from the outside or inside of the office or the home
  • They offer the best security
  • They are versatile, and they offer the protection that adds the best look to a home
  • They can be bought in cured, angles and arches tops
  • They have the covers opening that reaches up to 16ft width and to 15ft high
  • The clients can order special sizes
  • There are 14 different designer colors
  • The colonial shutter offers the excellent privacy with the light control when it is in a closed position.

It is good to consider the colonial shutter if

  • If you are in the construction or design stage
  • If you have the existing home
  • If you have frame, wood fascia, brick or stucco
  • If you want to achieve easy operation for your shutter
  • If you want to control the light and the sun
  • If you want to achieve better security


  • In case you are at the design stage, it is good to plan for the installation by insuring that there is a clear space for the colonial shutters at every side of the opening.
  • You can customize in all shapes including the curves, angles, and arches which are possible for the colonial style shutters and to some level of Bahamas style shutters
  • Obstruction of exterior light has to be considered while evaluating the opening surface mount installation. You have to remember colonial style shutter will need space at each side where the panels will be opened.
  • Decorative banding on the door or window can use the non-structural products, and they will require special installation steps.
  • The lap-style siding in the wood or vinyl may create the non-smooth surface, and it may require the additional installation techniques. Call us we are happy to answer all the questions you have.

Examples of Colonial Shutters we sell:

Accordion Shutter Click here to view more Colonial Shutters - view gallery
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